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Dr. Rucker was recently featured on The Doctor’s. Watch as he helps a patient who was diagnosed with a rare, inherited skin disease called Brooke-Spiegler Syndrome. The results are astounding!

doctors video image


The Tri-Peptide Cell Activator from Dr. Rucker's skin care line, Enza Essentials, was featured in Women's Health magazine! Click the image below to read the article.


Viora Reaction was featured on E! News as a fantastic way to reduce cellulite while firming and toning the buttocks with little to no discomfort.* Click below to watch.


The Dr. Oz Show had an interesting segment on profractional laser treatment, using an avocado as an example. Click below to watch!

Dr Oz Avocado


Kayla, our Beauty Blogger, has been featured multiple times on Always New You. Click on the links below for her most recent articles!


Dr. Rucker and Enza Essentials skin care line was featured in AZ Sports & Lifestyle Magazine. To read the articles online, click the photos below!

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Dr. Rucker and Kristine were special guests on Lifetime's The Balancing Act for their Science and Skincare special! Check out the entire segment below.

Aesthetician Melissa was interviewed for "Nature's Remedies: Skin & Hair" in Her Impressions Magazine!

Her Impressions Melissa

Dr. Joseph Rucker and skin care line Enza Essentials are featured in New Beauty Magazine.

Dr. Joseph Rucker appears in New Beauty Magazine


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