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Brow lift is desirable if your forehead sags or your brow hangs too low or too close to your eye. If you have deep vertical furrows beneath the eyebrows, they may be improved with a brow lift procedure. The desired result is a more youthful and restful appearance of the forehead and upper eyelids.

Recommended Treatment For:

  • Sagging forehead

  • Brow hangs too low, or close to eye

  • deep furrows beneath eyebrows

The brow life procedure is done as an outpatient under a local I.V. sedation anesthetic in our office operative suite.



Recovery time:

Initial discomfort with the browlift procedure is easily controlled with oral medication and sutures are removed within 7-10 days. Patients are usually socially acceptable in 12 days. Most swelling and bruising in the browlift area is gone between 7-10 days. Other surgeries which may enhance results are lower or upper lid blepharoplasty, face lift or facial implants.


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