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Payment Options for Plastic Surgery Procedures

Rucker MD Plastic Surgery Clinic accepts several different payment options to help you afford the plastic surgery procedures you want, including  and all major credit cards. Various options can be discussed during your consultation. For more information, please call us at 800.456.8222 or email us at Our staff is happy to help you and we are conveniently located in Eau Claire and River Falls, Wisconsin!



For more information on CareCredit, click here.

Call us at 800.456.8222 or email us at! Our staff is happy to help you!



*DISCLAIMER: Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery results can and will vary significantly between patients. Risks, potential complications, and/or permanent scarring are inherent with any surgical procedure. Before-and-after photographs are NOT guarantees that your results will be the same as or similar to another patient. Any and all information should be discussed in full detail with your surgeon prior to any procedure as the information found on this website is not a substitute for a personalized consultation and examination. Material on this website may include the views or opinions of other patients, parties, or specialists; external website links are not endorsements or under the control of Rucker MD Plastic Surgery Clinic.

If you have any questions about our disclaimers, procedures, recovery protocols, or before-and-after photographs, please do not hesitate to fill out our contact form or call our office (800-456-8222).

We look forward to assisting you with your cosmetic and reconstructive choices.

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