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Liquid Facelift

In the past, the only option for taking years off with serious results was to have surgery. With new advancements, many patients who are looking for results, but wish to avoid surgery, choose what is known as the “Liquid Facelift”. By using a combination of injectable fillers, Botox and other noninvasive treatments, fine lines and wrinkles can be erased and sagging skin can be tightened.*

VOLUME REPLACEMENT: You may not realize it, but a little plumpness is a good thing, especially when we're talking about the face. Here are three methods of addressing loss of volume.

  • Fat transfer: Fat is harvested from another area of the body and then carefully placed in the volume depleted areas of the face. This is good option if you'd like long-term results; however, there is some downtime.*
  • Implants: If you're considering a facelift, your plastic surgeon may also suggest implants to restore volume, particularly in the cheeks or chin. These are a good option if you don't have enough body fat to harvest for fat transfer. Implants are used less these days, as fat transfer and fillers have become the norm.*
  • Fillers: The latest injectables on the market can dramatically improve mild jowls, volume loss, vertical lip lines, crow’s feet, and lines along the side of the nose and chin. What else is great about fillers on the market now is that some promote collagen production in the injected areas, so each subsequent time you may need less and will be able to go longer between treatments, whether from 6 months to 2 years.*

AFTER VOLUME REPLACEMENT: After you have had volume replacement, it’s time to address the thinning of your skin, which requires different treatment than for volume replacement.  

  • Radiofrequency Treatment: I prefer Pelleve because it has produced excellent results over my 4 year experience in the treatment of 500 patients and there is the added benefit of producing relatively no discomfort and no downtime after the procedure.*
  • Incorporating Stem Cells: My aesthetic team and I have spent the last 20 years in the extensive study of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle research and treatments. This research has resulted in the development of a clinically-tested product to drastically reduce skin wrinkles by tricking aged human skin cells into regenerating themselves by replacing old damaged skin collagen with newly reformed collagen.* This new product is called Tri-Peptide Cell Activator, formulated with Swiss Apple stem cells, resveratrol and the tri-peptide.

Over the past several years there have been major developments in the area of noninvasive facial skin rejuvenation.  In the past we relied on one filler for all facial treatments. Now we have multiple longer acting fillers for the specific treatment of different areas of the face.* We have noninvasive, non- painful laser procedures for tightening of facial skin and we now offer a personalized topical skin care program to meet the needs of all skin types and skin problems. This approach does not replace the face-lift procedure but this comprehensive non-surgical approach gives the properly trained surgeon an excellent alternative for the patient requesting a less-invasive approach for combating the effects of facial aging.*

Facial fillers, Skin Restoration with Dr. Rucker
Results will vary.*

Patient with loss of facial volume:

1.Procedure: Facial Fillers (lower eyelids, cheeks, fold from corner of nose to mouth, jawline:

Procedure: 15 minutes, no aesthetic, above results are immediately after treatment with no bruising.*

2.Skin Restoration with Tri-Peptide Cell Activator.


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